These posts all pertain to the printing and fulfilment of brochures


Printing Colours Explained

Printing Colours Explained....

CMYK vs PMS vs RGB Pretty much all magazines, catalogues and brochures are produced using the CMYK process. So what is this? Quite simply, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (aka black). These are the four-primary printing colours and commonly seen in home inkjet printers. In commercial printing, these 4 colours are mixed
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Cover finishes: Laminates, UV Varnishes and more

cover finishes for magazine printing

Cover finishes – Laminates, UV varnishes and more explained Cover finishes such as laminates and varnishes can add an element of quality, durability and creative individuality to your magazine, catalogue or brochure printing. Finishes can be done in-line as part of the printing process, particularly when using digital and web printing presses, or they can
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Printing Presses: digital, sheet fed and web offset explained

Types of Printing Presses

Our definitive guide to commercial printing presses Let’s start with a quick overview of types of printing presses that are used by commercial printers for the majority of print today. You’ve got Digital, Sheet-Fed and Web-Offset. We’ll look at each one individually to give you a more comprehensive idea of what and how they produce. Digital Printing
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What makes a Printed Brochure effective?

Example of an effective brochure

Brochures are a great cost-effective marketing tool for promoting your business, brand and products. However, a poorly designed brochure can hamper your marketing efforts and hinder your sales and marketing objectives. If your printed brochure is not delivering the desired results and is not appealing to your audience then there is a real chance are
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Top Brochure Printing Tips

Top Brochure Tips

Your brochure is a key marketing tool for you to spread the word about your brand and products and to reach out to a wider audience. A well-designed brochure has the potential to attract buyers’ attention and convert them into loyal customers while having a greater recall rate among the audience. We have provided some top
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