Kate Thomson

Kate is the Marketing Manager for Cliffe Enterprise Limited.

Magazine Printing Paper_ LWC, MWC or WoodFree_

The type of paper or card you choose for your print project can either make or break your product, so it’s useful to have an understanding about paper stocks so you can make the right decision.


Mail Fulfilment - wrapping or stuffing?

If you have a product that needs mailing out then mail fulfilment is another print services element which needs careful consideration.


Printing Colours Explained....

CMYK vs PMS vs RGB Pretty much all magazines, catalogues and brochures are produced using the CMYK process. So what is this? Quite simply, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (aka black). These are the four-primary printing colours and commonly seen in home inkjet printers. In commercial printing, these 4 colours are mixed
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cover finishes for magazine printing

Cover finishes – Laminates, UV varnishes and more explained Cover finishes such as laminates and varnishes can add an element of quality, durability and creative individuality to your magazine, catalogue or brochure printing. Finishes can be done in-line as part of the printing process, particularly when using digital and web printing presses, or they can
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Types of Printing Presses

Our definitive guide to commercial printing presses Let’s start with a quick overview of types of printing presses that are used by commercial printers for the majority of print today. You’ve got Digital, Sheet-Fed and Web-Offset. We’ll look at each one individually to give you a more comprehensive idea of what and how they produce. Digital Printing
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Boxerthon Sponsors

For the 4th year running, Cliffe Enterprise has proudly sponsored Boxercise Eastbourne’s Box2Beat 3 hour Boxerthon event which was held on the 24th March in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action. We printed the certificates given out to the hard-working participants who took part in the three hour Boxercise class that raised vital funds for research and
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Paper weight guide

Paper weight for your printed project We are all aware that there are different paper weights used for different printed items but what are the ideal weights for specific jobs? Here we look at, and make suggestions, as to which weights we believe are the best for your print job based on our experience of
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Understanding Environmental Credentials of your

Paper Sustainability in catalogue, brochure and magazine printing I think most people will consider that brochure printing, magazine printing and catalogue printing is not a naturally environmentally friendly process. To be simplistic – we chop down a tree, use water from the local river to pulp it, dig out some minerals from the ground and add it
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Cliffe Enterprise has successfully tendered and consequently won a place on SCDC’s print framework contract. The Council were looking for qualified and experienced print suppliers to provide a range of print services including brochures, flyers, books, leaflets, banners, postcards, posters and magazines. Following their analysis of our tender, we were approved and are now able
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Rustall FC

We are pleased to announce that Cliffe Enterprise is now the proud sponsor of Rusthall Football Club’s striker Danny Powell. Formed in 1899, Rusthall FC is based near Tunbridge Wells and has experienced a range of success over its 118 years.  After a great 2016/17 season, their runner up status secured them promotion from division
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