Mail Fulfilment: getting wrapped or stuffed?


Mail Fulfilment Services Choosing the right mail fulfilment services for your project will be influenced, but also limited, by many variables:- the type of product being mailed is it a domestic or international mailing? the volume being mailed timescales budget The initial unwrapped (or packed weight) of your item may effect how you choose to
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Printing Colours Explained


Pretty much all magazine, catalogue printing and brochures are produced using the process described below. CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (aka black), which are the four-primary printing colours and are commonly seen in home inkjet printers. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are mixed in different quantities
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Cover finishes: Laminates, UV Varnishes and more

cover finishes for magazine printing

Cover finishes – Laminates, UV varnishes and more explained Cover finishes such as laminates and varnishes can add an element of quality, durability and creative individuality to your magazine, catalogue or brochure printing. Finishes can be done in-line as part of the printing process, particularly when using digital and web printing presses, or they can
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Printing Presses: digital, sheet fed and web offset explained

litho web digital printing presses

The how, what and why of printing presses Digital Printing  Digital printing uses toners (the toner is fused/melted onto the paper), inkjet heads (small droplets of ink are dotted onto the paper) or laser printing (which uses an electrostatic plate).  Digital printing is great for smaller print runs and where there is variation in what
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Magazine Printing Paper: what is LWC, MWC and wood free?

LWC MWC or Wood Free - For Blog

Lightweight coated (LWC), medium weight coated (MWC) and wood free coated and uncoated paper are all types of printing paper which are used in magazine printing, catalogue printing, newspaper supplements, inserts, brochure printing and direct mail amongst other things.   Not all paper is created equal. Different papers are created from different types of pulp (mechanical or
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Ideal Paper Weights for Printing

best paper weight

Paper weight for your printed project We are all aware that there are different paper weights used for different printed items but what are the ideal weights for specific jobs?   Here we look at, and make suggestions, as to which weights we believe are the best for your print job based on our experience
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Brochure, Catalogue Magazine Printing: Sustainability of the Paper

Understanding Environmental Credentials of your

Paper Sustainability in catalogue, brochure and magazine printing I think most people will consider that brochure printing, magazine printing and catalogue printing is not a naturally environmentally friendly process. To be simplistic – we chop down a tree, use water from the local river to pulp it, dig out some minerals from the ground and add it
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An Explanation of Offset Printing for Magazine and Catalogue Printing


What is offset printing? Why would you choose Offset over Digital Printing? Hopefully our explanation below will shed some light! Offset lithography printing is one of the most common ways of creating printed materials and is a process used by both web (whereby printing is carried out on a single, continuous sheet of paper fed
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Choosing the Right Paper for Your Print Job

how to choose the right paper for your print job

So, you’ve established that you have a requirement for print, you’ve created amazing artwork and you most likely have an idea of what the final item will look and feel like. So, what paper are you going to choose to achieve your project objective? Choosing paper stock is one of the most important elements of
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So what is Print Management and how can it benefit you?

Print Management

Print management companies will do as much or as little as you want them to. Typically they will help and advise you about print, source competitive pricing for your print, buy said print on your behalf and then manage the entire print project from start to finish.   Independent Ideas and Advice At Cliffe Enterprise
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