As part of your business strategy, you will be trying out and testing different marketing elements in order to promote your products and offerings. However it can often be extremely difficult to manage all the marketing functions simultaneously in-house. After all, you cannot successfully run a business without focusing on core skills and competencies. So what’s the answer? Well, have you considered shifting your direct mail burden to a third party provider and enjoy the both time and financial benefits of a well-managed fulfilment processing unit.

Outsourcing your direct mail fulfilment offers your business true benefits:

  • You can communicate your message more effectively to customers  – you can leverage direct mail campaigns to spread the word about your business and promote your products. This is where a fulfilment company can come in handy to receive, pack and ship your mailing products to customers in a timely manner.
  •  A business that fails to engage with their target audience cannot thrive and prosper – so send an exciting mail piece to your target audience either in the form of a letter, postcard, leaflet or brochure to convince them to do business with you. A third party provider has experience and equipment to design, print, pack and deliver your marketing collateral to your audience, thus helping you to communicate your message professionally.
  • Enjoy cost savings by selecting a professional direct mail fulfilment services provider that can efficiently manage your direct marketing campaign, from start to finish. In doing so, you can benefit from bulk discounts that these third party providers have negotiated with postal and shipment services.

Why Us?

Cliffe Enterprise has been in the printing business for over two decades, offering top-notch direct mail fulfilment services to customers at reasonable prices. As specialists in direct mail, we can design, print, data sort and mail your direct mail campaign at highly competitive mailing rates.

direct mail fulfilment

An example of a poly-bagged mailing with personalised carrier sheet